Being a Tenno in Warframe is no child’s play — even though the Tenno themselves are children, sort of. The pressure of keeping the peace in the galaxy, as well as stopping their mother from turning into a genocidal maniac, is quite a monumental task. That’s why players might need all the help they can get, especially when modding and building up their warframes.

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It’s just that some warframes are a lot more versatile, viable, or powerful than others. Such is the case for the current meta in the game; certain frames are favored for their ease of use and lack of effort in either surviving, killing, or being a jack-of-all-trades. Players looking to give their accounts a boost will want to take note of these overpowered builds in Warframe.

Updated October 27, 2022 by Sid Natividad: A warframe’s place in the meta has always been transient, especially with the periodic major re-balancing from the developers. Thus warframe builds tend to shift and bend to the will of the players and how much efficiency can be squeezed out of their setups.

Sure enough, there are more warframe builds to cover now, given the most recent balance changes. This re-balancing also notably upset a lot of players who main a certain monkey-king-inspired warframe. In any case, additional overpowered warframe builds here might prove to be good alternatives.


10/10 Focus Farming Volt

  • Special note
    : Replace Shock with Rhino’s Roar

Focus is one of the most tedious resources to farm in Warframe since it involves killing too many enemies. However, this Volt build from Confirmare makes that task simpler. All players have to do is take advantage of Volt’s Discharge ability by stacking tons of range mods. Players just have to find a good spot on the map and then fire away their Discharge.

This will kill dozens of enemies and more if the wave is endless. With friends, the build becomes even more busted, especially with buffers like Wisp. If not for farming Focus, players can use Volt build to clear rooms effortlessly. Energy also isn’t much of a problem thanks to Arcane Energize.

9/10 Preacher Of Pain Harrow

Anyone looking for that edgy overpowered build that deals dizzying damage numbers will find more than love in Harrow’s hands. Because this build from ninjase ensures one of the fastest ways to kill bosses and tough enemies alike by being accurate with headshots.

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All of Harrow’s abilities are put to good use here, but Channel Thurible is the star since it generously replenishes Harrow’s Energy with each headshot. Covenant is also mandatory when enemies are near to convert the absorbed damage into a crit buff. With this build, it’s highly common to see red crits all over the screen.

8/10 Infinite Zephyr Prime

  • Special note
    : Replace Airburst with Gara’s Spectrorage

This Zephyr build from ChangelingRain introduces a busted gameplay loop where the warframe gets a near-permanent energy supply along with a huge crit buff.

All players have to do is

  1. Keep Turbulence (3) always active for survival
  2. Cast Tail Wind (1) as much as possible for the crit rate buff
  3. Cast Spectrorage and hold-cast Tornado
  4. Shoot the Tornadoes for a critical damage buff

Enemies killed through Spectrosiphon will also drop energy orbs, leading to an infinite loop of enemies getting distracted, dying, and then getting distracted again as long as the players keep following the instruction above.

7/10 Gloom Garuda

  • Special note
    : Replace Blood Altar with Sevagoth’s Gloom

Again from ninjase, this bloodthirsty build featuring Garuda remains as relevant as ever with the slow bleed application. There is a certain chain of actions needed to achieve the build’s full operation. Follow this combo guideline:

  1. Keep Dread Mirror active
  2. Cast Blootletting (3) twice for maximum energy
  3. Cast Gloom (2), then deal damage to enemies to regenerate health
  4. If health is back to full, cast Bloodletting again
  5. Cast Seeking Talons (4) whenever Garuda’s shields break

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For better roleplaying, make sure to attack in melee. Red crits are also common here if the usual combo above is followed faithfully.

6/10 Solo Saryn

  • Special note
    : Replace Molt with Sevagoth’s Gloom

This expensive build is courtesy of CommanderPancake. What makes it so extravagant are the five Rank 10 mods needed— two of which are Primed and the other two Umbral. However, the End price is justified here as this build can take on anything the game throws at it, even at the highest levels.

All Saryn has to do is cultivate her Spores on her enemies using the first ability before unleashing a pandemic upon them using Miasma. Most enemies die from the initial wave of damage, and those who survive will die from damage over time. Players will want to be wise with their usage of Miasma, though, as energy efficiency is one of the biggest weaknesses of this build.

5/10 Lawbreaker Mesa

  • Special note
    : Replace Ballistic Battery with Mirage’s Eclipse

Mesa has always been one of the top frames in the game, thanks to her dual Regulator pistols and an impressive ultimate ability. If paired with some Rank 10 Primed or Umbral mods, she becomes even more unstoppable. This build from UltimoFive ditches Range for ability Strength, which makes less wastage of Mesa’s costly ultimate ability.

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Of course, anyone who has used her will know that she never has any problems with survivability. Just keep her second and third abilities active, and she’ll survive even the most formidable enemy waves. Of course, to maximize this build, players will want to utilize these mods as standard for the Regulators:

  • Lethal Torrent
  • Galvanized Diffusion
  • Galvanized Shot
  • Primed Pistol Gambit
  • Primed Target Cracker

Slot in some elemental or faction-specific mods depending on the enemy.

4/10 Goddess Wisp

  • Special note
    : Replace Sol Gate with Rhino’s Roar

For those looking to go for more than a little extra, then this Wisp build will do more than turn heads. Because if the stars align, the creator of this build, aestheticphonetic, claims that Wisp can reach as high as 900 percent ability Strength. That gives a massive boost to Wisp’s first ability, where it increases speed, damage, and health.

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For this to happen, however, players will have to work hard on setting it up. A total of eight Forma, which is quite a Herculean amount of grind, along with metric tons of Endo for the Umbral mods will make this Wisp build reach absurd levels of power. Thankfully, there are budget mod alternatives for the Primed and Umbral mods but don’t expect the same level of performance when using those.

3/10 Parasitic Armor Rhino

  • Special note
    : Replace Stomp with the Helminth’s Parasitic Armor ability

There are tougher frames that don’t rely on armor in Warframe, but players have to keep in mind that Rhino is obtainable very early on. The fact that he scales well even in mid-to-late-game is astounding. In any case, this Rhino build is similar to the standard Ironclad Rhino setups, except it leverages the Helminth’s Parasitic Armor ability for an even higher armor value.

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This makes raking up higher Iron Skin values a lot easier. Paired with other abilities that boost Rhino’s already high armor, then it’s easy to exceed a million Iron Skin armor for Rhino. Such a level of protection can provide players with a careless run-and-gun playstyle up to the mid-levels of Steel Path content.

2/10 Mutated Nidus

Nidus is one of the few rare warframes in Warframe that doesn’t have a nigh-useless or non-synergistic ability. Players can rest assured that they’ll be using all of Nidus’ abilities, and no part of this Infested warframe will go to waste. In any case, Nidus is up there with Inaros when it comes to unkillable warframes.

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It’s just that Nidus has more interesting dynamics and can deal more damage without relying on his weapons. His survivability and playstyle are also simple enough. He just needs a bit of upkeep to reach his maximum number of mutations, and after that, he can stay in a game session virtually forever.

1/10 Celestial Eclipse Wukong

  • Special note
    : Replace Primal Fury with Mirage’s Eclipse

  • Also, equip a
    Decaying Dragon Key

Wukong is a jack-of-all-trades warframe who can turn into a tank, become invisible, and even crowd-control enemies repeatedly should the situation arise. But for this build by ninjase, Wukong will be focused on humiliating whole armies by suspending them in the air before picking them all off. It’s all thanks to the Celestial Stomp ability mod paired with the monstrous buff from Total Eclipse.

Wukong starts off by summoning his Celestial Twin via the first ability. He’ll then buff his twin using Mirage’s Eclipse (replaced fourth ability). After that, holding the first ability again will trigger Celestial Stomp and will stun all enemies, leaving them vulnerable. The second and third abilities are typically for defense, healing, and survival. Regardless, most enemies will be rendered ineffective in the face of unlimited Celestial Stomps.

Warframe is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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