Another day means yet another Wordle mystery word for players to puzzle through in only six tries without any starting hints.

For fans of word puzzles, Wordle is a wonderful little bit-sized challenge to warm them up every day. This simple puzzle is easy to learn, but every word can be challenging enough to have fans out looking for clues.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is a daily word puzzle. Each day, a new five-letter English word is available to challenge players. In order to play the original version of this game, players will need to head to the New York Times Games Wordle site or the New York Times Crossword app which now has Wordle as well.


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In order to play, first choose a starting word. Choosing a good stating Wordle word is very important to getting a good start to the puzzle, so players should familiarize themselves with what a good starter should look like or must be.

  • Answers are always five letters long, a real English word, and are never proper nouns.
  • The New York Times removed the offensive words from Wordle, so answers cannot be slurs or others that might bother people.
  • Wordle answers are never plural nouns ending in S, though these can be used as guesses.
  • Answers have yet to repeat.
  • A good starting word has a selection of common letters like S, T, or I.
  • Wordle answers can have duplicated letters, but players may not want to start with a word that has them.

Next, type the chosen starting Wordle word into the top of the 5×6 grid on the site. Press enter. This will cause the letters of the word to change colors, giving players clues to the real answer.

  • Green letters are right and in the right place in the word.
  • Yellow letters are right but in the wrong place in the word.
  • Gray letters are incorrect.

Given these clues, players have six total guesses to get to the answer.

Hints for the Wordle 496 for October 28, 2022

Although the Wordle word of the day is pretty easy, some players might want a hint. Here’s a little help for them.

  • Today’s five-letter Wordle word ends in a K.
  • This word contains no duplicated letters.
  • Today’s Wordle word is a verb. It can be used to describe something a thief might do.
  • This word rhymes with MEEK.
  • This word has just two vowels in it, and one of them is an A.
  • There is one K.

Answer for Wordle 496 for October 28, 2022

If anyone just came here for the answer to today’s puzzle, keep scrolling. The full spoiler is right below the image.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 496 is SNEAK.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit

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