Much like its predecessors, Bayonetta 3 is broken up into chapters, with each chapter then split into a series of smaller verses.

Much like its predecessors, Bayonetta 3 is broken up into chapters, with each chapter then split into a series of smaller verses. There are a number of side chapters in the game as well, which, despite what the “side” in their names might suggest, will all need to be completed by players in order to progress through the main story of Bayonetta 3.

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Upon completing a chapter, Bayonetta players will be able to replay it at any time via the Chapter Select screen. The Chapter Select screen is also where players will be able to gain access to the game’s store, which is where they’ll be able to spend the Halos, Orbs, and Seeds that they earn as they play through the main story.


How Many Chapters Are There in Bayonetta 3?

In total, there are 20 chapters in Bayonetta 3, though not all of them are treated as such. The game effectively has two prologues, which, in addition to its four side chapters, means that there are only 14 numbered chapters. This is two fewer than can be found in both the first and second Bayonetta titles, though both of those games only feature two non-numbered chapters, meaning that Bayonetta 3 technically comes out on top.

Every Chapter in Bayonetta 3

  • Records of Time: Phenomenal Affirmation
  • Prologue: A Chaotic Encounter
  • Chapter 1: Scrambling for Answers
  • Chapter 2: City on Fire
  • Chapter 3: A Sinking Feeling
  • Side Chapter 1: The Crimson Shadow
  • Chapter 4: Worlds Apart
  • Chapter 5: Hot Pursuit
  • Chapter 6: Off the Rails
  • Side Chapter 2: The Lynx Strikes
  • Chapter 7: Burning Sands
  • Chapter 8: A Croaking Chorus
  • Chapter 9: Learning to Fly
  • Side Chapter 3: High Stakes
  • Chapter 10: Cover of Night
  • Chapter 11: A Familiar Dance
  • Chapter 12: The Edge of Madness
  • Side Chapter 4: The Doctor is Out
  • Chapter 13: Kingdom of One
  • Chapter 14: The Single Truth

How Long is a Chapter in Bayonetta 3?

The chapter length in Bayonetta 3 can vary quite a bit, with some lasting only around ten minutes and others clocking in at around the one-hour mark. This all results in Bayonetta 3 having a total playtime of between 12 and 15 hours, which, in turn, works out to be an average length of between 36 and 45 minutes per chapter. Of course, players can shave quite a bit of time off of this total by playing on an easier difficulty setting or by skipping through some of the game’s many cut-scenes.

Bayonetta 3 was released on October 28, 2022, and is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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