The Fallout franchise has long been known for its active modding community, with fans of the series adding new areas, dungeons, and even full-blown quests to the already populated game worlds. Recently, an innovative mod has captured the attention of Fallout 4 players by taking the IP and reinterpreting it in a foreign country: Fallout London (FOLON).

Having a Fallout game set outside of America is more than feasible, but to have it come from a team of dedicated Fallout 4 modders is impressive. The FOLON team recently released its Q3 update for 2022, and it’s only proving that the franchise’s concept meshes well with exploring the post-apocalypse in other countries.


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Fallout London is Everything Great about ‘Fallout’ Abroad

In Fallout London’s newest video, the modders showcase different aspects of the upcoming project, starting with the radio DJ of the local station, The Mend. Hosted by a charming man who goes by Nigel the Nihilist, the station plays original music curated by the FOLON team, interspersed by quips from the radio host. The modders didn’t necessarily have to create a whole new radio station given tuning in is only an optional part of Fallout. But the fact that the team took the time to make local radio stations speaks volumes about their dedication to the project.

As for level design, Fallout London will reportedly have 300 explorable interior areas. Some of them include sprawling multi-floor libraries, a derelict toy factory, and even a recreation of the National Portrait Gallery. Shots in the Q3 video present each of these areas as visually distinct from each other, which adds to the value of exploration.

The attention to detail in each one of the interior shots is strong, and hopefully the rest of the mod’s interiors have the same level of design. Additionally, the mod’s asset design backs up this attention to detail. This is showcased by the individual Fallout London mods that add new weapons and armor sets to Fallout 4. Plus, there are likely plenty of assets for new items and enemies that won’t come out until Fallout London’s release.

The FOLON team even changes up the original Fallout’s Vault Boy mascot. Instead, Fallout London’s character creation tabs feature specially made 2D graphics emulating the Protect and Survive icons from the UK during the Cold War era. In the same vein, Fallout London introduces a new set of magazines, each with unique 2D art.

All of this adds more value to the potential Fallout London experience. It’s not just the physical setting that makes the player feel like they’re in post-apocalyptic London; the sounds, the items, and even the game’s altered UI add to an overall experience. It all goes to show how far holistic design can go, especially for a game as atmospheric as Fallout. It’s no surprise that plenty of Fallout 4 fans are excited for Fallout London to come out in 2023.

For those who can’t wait to see this take on London for themselves, the FOLON team released a demo for the Fallout 4 mod back in August. However, the modding team has announced in this latest video that there won’t be any more demos, allowing them to focus on getting the mod out by next year.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the Fallout London mod slated for release in 2023.

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