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WotLK Herbalism Farming Routes

Icethorn is a high-level herb in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Max-level crafters will need to become extremely familiar with it, as it is used in many useful recipes for end-game content. Alchemy and Inscription will often use Icethorn as a reagent for crafting. As such, this popular little plant will be in high demand.

Players with Herbalism will absolutely be looking for the most efficient way to farm the highly sought-after herb. Here you will not only find out where to get Icethorn, but also what it is used for and additional information about this valuable herb will also be discussed.

Item: Icethorn
Stack: 20
Requires: Herbalism (435)
Primary Zones: The Storm Peaks, Icecrown

Where to Get Icethorn in Wrath Classic

A large majority of Icethorn is found in two zones: Icecrown and The Storm Peaks. It has a minuscule chance of appearing in other zones in the form of herbalism nodes and mob drops. The best bet, however, is to farm in the two aforementioned Northrend zones.

As a reminder, players must have purchased cold weather flying to effectively farm Icethorn in Icecrown and The Storm Peaks.

Best Icethorn Farming Route – The Storm Peaks

Players can start their Icethorn farming route wherever they’d like. The orange path below highlights the main farming route.

Starting near the Terrace of the Makers is generally a good position. As herbalists fly around The Storm Peaks, branching pathways open up. Players can loop around the center of the map for a smaller, quicker route. Alternatively, they can continue east or west following the mountain ridges. There is another separate route, colored gray in the image above, towards the northwest if pickings were slim along the main route. The choice comes to personal preference, but traversing the mountains will definitely require northrend flying to efficiently combat issues with the terrain.

Icecrown Icethorn Farming Route

Players can start their Icethorn farming route wherever they’d like. Generally, a good starting point is at Mord’Rethar and looping around the main route highlighted in orange. Sticking to the inner lower valley near mountain ranges is a good strategy.

Alternatively, the gray color above highlights another route to the east that has additional Icethorn nodes.

Other Drop Sources of Icethorn

Some enemies in WotLK zones have a small chance to drop Icethorn. The drop rate for the 15 listed enemies is at 3.3%. This means that herbalism will always be the most effective way to farm Icecrown.


Level Location Type Drop %
Woodlands Walker 71 – 72 Dragonblight Elemental 3.3
Unbound Ancient 80+ Crystalsong Forest Elemental 3.3
Servant of Freya 76 – 77 Sholazar Basin Elemental 3.3
Savage Cave Beast 74 – 75+ Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Elemental 3.3
Runed Giant 74 – 75+ Grizzly Hills Giant 3.3
Mossy Rampager 75 – 76 Zul’Drak Elemental 3.3
Mature Lasher 80 Borean Tundra, Sholazar Basin Elemental 3.3
Magic-bound Ancient 71 – 72 Borean Tundra Elemental 3.3
Living Lasher 80 Borean Tundra, Sholazar Basin Elemental 3.3
Glacial Ancient 71 – 72 Borean Tundra Elemental 3.3
Emerald Lasher 73 – 74 Dragonblight Elemental 3.3
Crystalline Protector 71+ The Nexus Elemental 3.3
Crystalline Keeper 71+ The Nexus Elemental 3.3
Corrupted Lothalor Ancient 71 – 72+ Dragonblight Elemental 3.3
Amanitar 81+ Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Elemental 3.3

Recipes Icethorn is Used In

The table below shows all the recipes that Icethorn is used in as well the level of alchemy required and the ingredients required to create them

Milling Icethorn for Inscription

You can also mill Icethorn, as you can with most herbs, to produce pigments if you have the Inscription profession. With Inscription, milling Icethorn can produce:

  • 1-3 Icy Pigments (50% Chance)
  • 2-4 Azure Pigments (100% Chance)

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