No Man’s Sky has consistently provided free updates for players who already own the game since November 2016. Hello Games continues to add depth and mechanics to No Man’s Sky that have contributed to developing the game it originally promised, going above and beyond from there. Not only can players explore an endless universe with trillions of stars, they can also establish bases, settlements, freighters, and more. One thing players are especially fond of is Expeditions.


Many fans of the game like to start a fresh save after each new update, stranded again on a hazardous planet with life support running low. It’s an exciting way to start the game, and Hello Games found a way to continue that enjoyment in the form of Expeditions. With eight under its belt, it’s likely No Man’s Sky will have more Expeditions to come, but it may be beneficial to revisit previous ones in the meantime.

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Expeditions in No Man’s Sky

Rather than start with every blueprint unknown, Expeditions in No Man’s Sky are events that span several weeks and allow for players to start the game over with a global community that aims to accomplish different tasks in phases that offer unique rewards. While the first three Expeditions were more task-focused, the fourth began by including narrative experiences that weaved tasks together.

Some Expeditions have players traversing hundreds or thousands of light years, while others are confined to a single planet. Part of the overall experience is discovering these new elements and having players make their way through the latest adventure differently than they may have approached the game before. At the end of each five phases in an Expedition, rewards are provided that can be purchased across any save file.

New players pick up No Man’s Sky every day, especially when updates lead to a sale in different marketplaces. With new players joining across all platforms, including Switch soon, it only makes sense to allow those players the chance to experience Expeditions they might have missed. As each phase of the Expedition rewards players with access to blueprints, companion eggs, ships, base parts, and more, newer players are at a disadvantage without access.

Expeditions can Help No Man’s Sky’s Continual Growth

The biggest reason Expeditions should be revisited is that Hello Games has already started the practice. Expeditions launched in spring 2021, and by mid-November the first four had been completed. November 24 kicked off a revisit of Expeditions starting with the first one before new Expeditions resumed in February 2022. With this kind of schedule, it could be feasible to kick off a revisit this fall.

Since Expeditions and new content tend to contain narrative elements as well as unique ships and frigates, Hello Games could be slowly building a larger narrative on top of its Artemis storyline. Keeping Expeditions in a rotation would make it easier for new and old players to stay fresh with any storyline the studio might be building toward.

No Man’s Sky has found a way to offer players new and exciting ways to restart the game with generous rewards through Expeditions. As eight have come and gone, it would be beneficial to revisit their journeys.That It would offer new players the chance to experience what they might have missed, reap the same rewards, and understand the narratives accompanying them.

No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch port is scheduled to release on October 7, 2022.

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