Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will introduce the Justice Society of America to the DC Extended Universe, with Pierce Brosnan taking on the role of the powerful and wise Doctor Fate. Now, Brosnan has opened up about what role Doctor Fate plays in the JSA and his experience bringing the character to life.

Black Adam will star Johnson as Teth-Adam, an anti-hero who finds himself unleashed into the modern world after 5,000 years of imprisonment. Determined to bring about his brutal form of justice to the world, Black Adam’s mission brings him into conflict with the Justice Society of America, which is where Brosnan’s Doctor Fate comes in.


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During an interview with Total Film, Brosnan noted that his version of Doctor Fate will share his comic book counterpart’s role of being an archeologist, adding that the powerful sorcerer is the elder of the Justice Society. “He has powers to foresee the future, and raise the dead, and teleport, while wearing a gold helmet,” Brosnan added before explaining that Doctor Fate’s helmet plays a crucial role in his character’s journey. “Absolutely, yes. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s almost like a drug addiction in some respects. It takes a lot of energy to wear the helmet. It was a very beautifully designed outfit and helmet, which I’m quite fond of.”

Black Adam will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously worked with lead star Johnson on Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie. Brosnan had nothing but kind words for Collet-Serra, noting that the filmmaker allowed him to play a role in shaping the design of Doctor Fate’s helmet. “Jaume Collet-Serra is very inclusive in the collaboration,” Brosnan said. “He was wonderful in the sense that he would send me designs of the helmet, so I could participate in the look of it.”

Considering Brosnan played James Bond in the ’90s and early 2000s, the actor is no stranger to blockbuster franchises. However, his role as Doctor Fate is arguably his most high-profile role since his days as 007, and fans are excited to see what this veteran actor brings to such a venerable DC character.

The future of the DC Extended Universe has been in question ever since the new leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery opted to shift gears and reset plans for DC films. Still, interest in Black Adam is palpable, so if the film proves to be a box office success, perhaps fans can expect to see more of Brosnan’s Doctor Fate and the JSA down the line.

Black Adam is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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