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Despite its less-than-stellar launch, Fallout 76 has been admirably marching forward, delivering content updates to loyal players that can’t get enough of the game’s West-Virginian-flavoured post-apocalypse.

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The most recent of these updates came bundled with three new trophies / achievements for players to unlock, and this guide will help players unlock the grindiest of the three that will take players ten real-world days to complete, ‘Seeking Refuge’.


How To Receive Requests For Favors

Before they can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, players first need to acquaint themselves with the newest group of survivors to set up a base in Appalachia. Entering the newly refurbished Whitespring Refuge (a place longtime players will remember as a fantastic place to drop nuclear bombs on to) will see them meet Orlando, a peculiar character that claims to represent the surviving – yet nowhere to be seen – management of the Whitespring Resort.

They’ll then be sent on a whirlwind tour of the Refuge, meeting the various NPCs that will give ‘Refuge Daily’ quests and provide transport to iconic formerly-Pittsburgh Fallout location, The Pitt. There are plenty of other survivors in the building, too, but before they can start taking favors, players will need to fully complete the ‘Responders Reborn‘ main quest. When it’s finished, players will need to walk around the inside of the building until they see a Refugee with an icon above their heads – this indicates that the refugee will provide the player with a miscellaneous quest that gives progress towards the Seeking Refuge trophy / achievement.

If the icon does not appear, players may need to wait awhile and then return – completing some ‘Refuge Daily’ missions is a good way to spend time that will naturally see players returning to the Refuge. After a brief conversation with the refugee-in-need, players will have some directions alongside a quick task to complete inside the refuge.

Completing The Favor

Each favor is different, but all require the player to perform a task inside the refuge – some, like the one in the screenshot above, may also require players to have a score of 8 or more in one of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes, so it’s worth getting a character to a high level before going for the Seeking Refuge trophy / achievement.

So long as the player does not fail the quest, they can return to the refugee that originally issued it to them and get one step closer to unlocking the achievement. It should be noted that the ten favors must all be completed on the same character, and that only one is available per day.

Fallout 76 is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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