Deltarune currently has only 2 of the expected 7 chapters, but it is quickly rising to the top of the list of all-time favorite independent RPGs. Toby Fox, the creator of Deltarune, is well known for the incredibly minute details that he puts into his games. In fact, there are so many small (and wonderful) details hidden in this game, that it is easy to miss a few. As with any new game, players are usually focused on working their way through the obstacles and bosses on their way to completing the game. Unfortunately, this results in the player missing out on a few fascinating points.

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In the end, however, much of this is to be expected simply because Deltarune is a Toby Fox Game. Fans of the developer’s work are constantly praising the intricate detail of his world-building and the forethought that goes into some of these Easter eggs. After all, Undertale was riddled with these hidden gems and true fans are always digging through Deltarune in search of more. So, let’s have a look at 5 of the more obscure, hidden details that can be found in Chapter 1 of Deltarune.


5/5 Cliffs Save Point Secret

There is a second Save Point in the “Cliffs” area, interestingly titled “??????” in the game. It is located next to the Eye Puzzle and has additional unique text when used, but only if the player has less than 30 HP. To accomplish this, the player must go back and forth between the Save Point and the previous room and run into the bullets at least 7 times and after taking those hits go use the Save Point. It will then display the new text.

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What makes this detail so interesting is just how obscure it really is. It is almost impossible to accidentally trigger because even if the player got hit by all 3 enemies in the room leading to the second Save Point on their way there, they would still have 63 HP. It would be an amazing coincidence for a player to see this text without intentionally triggering it.

4/5 Minty Shards

Some treasure chests in Chapter 1 actually have additional text if they are checked after they have already been opened, such as the White Ribbon and Dice Brace chests. Also, there are 2 chests containing Rive mints, (one in the Forest and one in Card Castle). These 2 are just a bit different in that they actually have character dialogue attached to them as well.

If an already opened Revive Mint chest is checked with only Kris and Ralsei in the party, Ralsei will kindly request Kris to not eat the minty shards inside. However, checking the same chest again with Susie present will have him ask Susie to not eat them instead. When that occurs, she will amusingly retort by asking if Ralsei is saving them for something.

Susie and Lancer will sell a Lancer Cookie at the far right stand in the Forest Bake Sale upon entering it for the first time. It costs 40D$ and can be somewhat useful as it heals 50 HP in battle, but the scene where it’s purchased can play out in an entertaining way if the player attempts to buy it with a full inventory. Lancer will drop the cookie onto the ground and break it, leading to Susie making fun of Kris and Ralsei’s “misfortune” before continuing on with their regular dialogue.

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The easiest way to see this is simply to hold onto as many free items obtained until that point and to save up on money. Use the Warp Door at the Bake Sale to go to Seam and buy Dark Candies to fill in any empty inventory slots, as those are the cheapest items they sell. Using nearby enemies to acquire more money is possible if the player doesn’t have enough.

2/5 Revolving Door Installation

Once the player has satisfied their exploration habits in Hometown after the King battle, they must go to Toriel’s House to properly end Chapter 1. However, there are 2 easily missed humorous exchanges that can be gotten from Toriel by leaving and entering the house multiple times. Leaving and entering once will have her comment on Kris’ surprising amount of energy today, and asks if they could use any of it to actually wake up on time. Do this 6 more times after that (for 7 total) and she will question why Kris keeps reentering, leading to her asking if she wants Kris to install a revolving door to the front of their house.

It should be noted that the player must wait until the screen fully fades in when entering the house before leaving again if they actually want to see this text, as the game takes a second or 2 for it to register that Kris has entered.

1/5 Clock Puzzle Failures

The Field contains 2 puzzles that involve starting a timer on a nearby clock and stepping on the glowing tiles before it runs out. The second puzzle has unique text for failing it 3 times that changes depending on party composition. Failing it 3 times with just Kris and Ralsei causes Ralsei to feel like they’re missing something and suggests they continue to the next room. Failing it 3 more times with the full team will lead to a funny interaction of Ralsei saying that Kris can ask him for help with puzzles at any time, whereas Susie comments that if they ever need help from her, they’re screwed.

Despite the incredibly high number of players that are exploring the world of Deltarune, this one simply isn’t found very often. The fact is that most players are unlikely to fail this puzzle more than once due to its simplicity, making this interaction pretty obscure.

Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 are available on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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