Batman’s moody persona and traumatic origin are key to his character, and understandably make him a darker character as a result. Few Batman stories depict Bruce Wayne as a lighthearted individual, but these moments are emphasized the most when he is around his loving and caring Bat Family. As an original narrative, it is unclear how strong the relationship was between Batman and the Bat Family in Gotham Knights. However, it seems that while having dark moments that involve the Court of Owls and characters’ deaths, Gotham Knights’ narrative tone will be surprisingly wholesome.


Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood are all reeling from Bruce Wayne’s death. Further, Barbara Gordon has the added grief of her father’s death to process. This should spell another gritty, dark take on the Batman mythology, but the game appears to have made an effort to not seem too broody or solemn. Instead, with all the marketing that has been released thus far, the Court of Owls is the only bit of the game that appears to touch on darker material. In terms of how Gotham Knights’ four playable protagonists interact, the game may be much more fun and lighthearted than fans assume.

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Gotham Knights’ Concept Art Shows a Brighter Side of Gotham

One of the most important pieces of Gotham Knights’ marketing may not even have any connection to in-game events. The developers recently shared concept art that offers fans a look at what the Knights’ lives are like during the day, when they get to lounge about and enjoy one another’s company without donning a suit and fighting crime.

For example, one piece of concept art shows the four together playing video games, while another piece of concept art shows Tim and Jason making a trip to a laundromat. Gotham Knights previously confirmed a past relationship between Dick and Barbara, and the pair’s bond is touched on in a piece of concept art that shows them happily picking up coffee and donuts for the Bat Family during a peaceful day in Gotham.

This suggests that Gotham Knights’ Gotham City may not be the hellish cesspool that traditional source material makes it out to be. It is great to see such a rare side of Gotham and its inhabitants like this, and says a lot about what narrative tone Gotham Knights is striving for.

Gotham Knights’ Witty Quips and Belfry Conversations are Wholesome

Batman is known for having occasional one-liners, but rarely is he written to be funny. In contrast, Gotham Knights’ protagonists are much more cheeky and lighthearted. Characters will talk to one another via comms while players are out-and-about in the open world, but it is in Gotham Knights’ Belfry that the most gratifying conversations will seemingly take place. Here, characters are in civilian clothes and can engage in optional conversations that appear to further storylines or interactions. The only character who seems to cause any disruptions in the Bat Family is Jason, who fans can see butting heads with Dick in a couple of cutscenes.

Luckily, Alfred Pennyworth will be around to remind the family to work as a team, with Batman’s mentorship and guidance leading them as inspiration to be better. It will be interesting to see how characters work out their differences and how they interact with one another about shared pasts, which could introduce great world-building.

Bruce does not necessarily need to be dead for Gotham Knights’ wholesomeness to truly land, but it will surely bring the Bat Family together in a special way. Moments from Gotham Knights’ concept art will hopefully be represented in the game, as they may be what help it to stand out most of all.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to release on October 21, 2022, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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