Role-playing games allow players to become immersed in a different world full of excitement and new experiences across a variety of different settings. Virtual Reality is able to improve upon this immersion further as it allows a player to feel as if they are really there in the game world they are exploring.

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When Valve released the Valve Index, this gave consumers of Steam the chance to try out a wide variety of RPG titles that sent them to other realities through the power of technology. These are by far the best RPGs on Steam for the Valve Index that players should enjoy.


10 Karnage Chronicles

Players can explore the darkest of dungeons alone or with friends in this epic RPG adventure to save the world. They will be fending off monsters that have appeared from the rift that has formed in the fabric of time due to the planet’s aligning every five thousand years.

VR makes this title not only immersive but improves upon the combat. As players battle foes, the velocity in which they swing their controller has an effect on the amount of damage a hit does.


As a member of the Ruinsmagus guild, it is a player’s job to help strengthen it through collecting resources, completing quests, and learning a variety of magical spells. Although the story is incredible, with more than twenty-five quests advancing the main story, the world that players get to explore is not only lively but also pleasant.

Strolling through the bustling streets of Grand Amnis, the city the player will be calling home. Making friends with the citizens or enjoying the sights while drinking a cup of coffee makes even the little things of this role-playing game ever so more interesting to play.

8 Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

Taking the well-known first-person shooter title Medal of Honor to VR was a smart thing to do. Many players have mixed feelings about the game set in the Second World War; the immersive experience of being a soldier during this time is exciting but can be tough as it puts the player in the shoes of someone that may have been struggling.

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With a single-player story that touches on extremely deep themes, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond does exactly that when partaking in this historical time.

7 Tales Of Glory

Going even further back in time, Tales of Glory lets players take on the role of a medieval knight charging into battle with his men against opposing forces, clashing steel together on the battlefield.

Players that have enjoyed games like Mount and Blade will enjoy their time in VR as the game takes key inspiration from this and implements its own RPG features. Players can recruit more soldiers to their army, manage their realm, or manipulate lords to do their bidding – anything is possible when hoping to write Tales of Glory.

6 Demeo

Taking the Tabletop genre and making it digital, Demeo allows players to bring their friends on a dark and gloomy dungeon crawler adventure as they essentially play Dungeons and Dragons together. After choosing their class, players can select between a variety of campaigns to run, with more still on the way.

Standing around a board in VR, players take turns to move their pieces and explore the dungeons while defeating foes through dice roles and building the perfect deck of cards to use against their enemies.

5 Legendary Tales

Fighting through an ever-changing dungeon in this action role-playing title, Legendary Tales allows players to make their own adventures on their own or with friends. By using classic ARPG mechanics, players naturally build their character during their adventure, improving their skills while fighting foes.

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It isn’t all combat down in the dungeons, though. Players can also collect a variety of items through the help of RNG; they all range in rarity and use, allowing the player to experiment with not only the physics in the game but also their playstyle.

4 Zenith: The Last City

Explore an entirely open world in VR with Zenith: The Last City. This fantasy RPG world is not only beautiful but has the space to fit countless other players, making it a well-inhabited MMO.

There is plenty in store while exploring, from joining parties and guilds to taking on challenging bosses and exploring the depths of eerie dungeons alone. The indie company Ramen VR hopes to continue to expand this MMO while testing the limits of VR to create a world that players will get lost in for hours.

3 Hellsplit: Arena

Returning to the medieval ages but with a twist of darkness, Hellsplit is a horror-slasher that allows players to take part in combat that claims to be physically accurate while defeating horrifying foes such as skeletons.

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Hellsplit: Arena goes one step further than this in its dark fantasy world through an intriguing campaign alongside being able to just take on foes. This allows players to feel as if they have a role inside Hellsplit rather than just being like any other VR arena combat game.

2 The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners

Fans of The Walking Dead or zombie survivals will want to try out The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners, especially as it is by far one of the best Zombie Survival titles available to the Valve Index.

Every decision matters as players fulfill quests by meeting other survivors and deciding their fate while scavenging for their own resources. Saints and Sinners relies heavily on players sticking with their choices and seeing how the events in the flooded ruins of New Orleans that has been swarmed by zombies.

Skyrim has kept its players entertained for years across a variety of platforms, and its VR version offers the most immersive Skyrim experience possible. Players can officially take on the role of the Dragonborn while exploring the cold climate.

Players can feel like a part of the world by tackling the main story or the countless side quests, such as becoming a member of the Dark Brotherhood or just sitting down in a town’s tavern for an ale. Players are finally free to role-play to their heart’s content.

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