Jewelry Bonney, nicknamed “The Big Eater” is the only female member of the Worst Generation and the Supernovas. She made her debut alongside most of the Supernovas during the Sabaody Archipelago arc in chapter 498 of the One Piece manga and episode 392 of the anime. Bonney is an extremely mysterious character who has yet to have a big moment on screen, being overshadowed by other Supernovas like Trafalgar D. Water Law, and Eustass Kid, among others.

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However, with the recent chapters 1060 and 1061 of One Piece, it seems as if the time for Jewelry Bonney to shine is here as she is being built up to replace Trafalgar D. Water Law by accompanying the Straw Hat Pirates on their next big adventure, especially since the crew parted ways with the Heart Pirates at the end of Wano. In chapter 1060, it was revealed that jewelry Bonney’s bounty had jumped up from 140,000,000 berries to 320,000,000 berries. Currently, when a lot of characters have bounties that surpass this figure, by a lot, Bonney’s reward seems small, but seeing how little she has done so far in the story means this figure can only skyrocket as she accompanies the Straw Hats on Egghead Island.

Jewelry Bonney’s Rise To Infamy

Jewelry Bonney, the Big Eater, is a pirate that rose from the South Blue, heading her crew called the Bonney Pirates. Alongside the 10 other Supernovas, she was one of the pirates who arrived at Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty that surpassed 100,000,000 berries, with her bounty being 140,000,000 berries, to be specific. This means that before even entering the New World, she was held in high regard by the World Government as one of the most dangerous New Era pirates.

During the events of the Sabaody Archipelago arc, she saved the pirates on the island and Zoro specifically by de-escalating a dangerous situation where an Admiral could’ve been called. When Zoro was about to attack a Celestial Dragon, she changed into a child to stop him and pretended he got shot by Charloss. While she managed to make the peace last for a bit longer, Luffy eventually attacked Charloss, leading to Kizaru’s inevitable arrival. While the Straw Hats struggled, Bonney escaped alongside the rest of the Supernovas without much trouble. Interestingly, she swore to crush the Straw Hats in the New World.

Following that, her appearances were very brief. After Ace’s execution, she was seen crying, and blamed ‘someone’ for all of the ongoing events. While some believed this to be Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, whom she went after in the New World, recent events suggest that her target was none other than Vegapunk, who was responsible for turning Kuma into a Pacifista.

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Bonney was also seen in a trade deal with the Marines for a battleship, orchestrated by Blackbeard. The trade was put off with Admiral Akainu’s arrival, seemingly to arrest both the Blackbeard and the Bonney Pirates, causing Blackbeard to flee and abandon Bonney. When Akainu arrived to talk with Bonney, fans learned that she had previously escaped from the clutches of the World Government. This can only mean that Bonney has some yet unknown connections to the Celestial Dragons. She was taken to Marine Headquarters but managed to escape yet another time somehow.

Her Dangerous Abilities

Being a member of the Worst Generation, it goes without saying that Bonney is incredibly dangerous as a pirate. She possesses one of the most powerful Devil Fruits seen in the story so far. Her power is quite interesting and makes her a master when it comes to infiltrating, manipulating, and escaping in all kinds of situations. Although her Devil Fruit is an unnamed Paramecia at the moment, it allows her to change her own age and that of others at will, being able to change from an infant to an elder. While her abilities don’t seem very fight oriented, she still has a lot of tricks up her sleeves.

She was able to hurt Yonko Blackbeard with a kick to the head, and while it wasn’t a grave injury, she is clearly able to hold her own in a fight. What’s most dangerous about her is that a mere touch of her palm can turn even the strongest of pirates into a mere child or an ailing old person, defeating them very easily in the process. Just her ability alone is enough to give her a bounty greater than 100 million berries. With powers such as hers, a 140 million berry bounty was deserved when she arrived on Sabaody Archipelago. However, now, this figure has shot up to 320 million berries.

Her Role in the Newest Arc

Jewelry Bonney’s most interesting contribution to the story so far was during the Reverie arc, where she infiltrated Mary Geoise, a place that is almost impossible to infiltrate. She achieved that by using her Devil Fruit abilities to disguise herself as Queen Dowager, Conney of the Sorbet Kingdom. There, fans learned that she holds a connection to Bartholomew Kuma, as she is disgusted by his mistreatment and enslavement.

Now, she is back in the main story as she popped out of a tornado in chapter 1060. Being able to infiltrate such a dangerous place and emerge from there without a single scratch, it is no surprise that Bonney’s bounty was more than doubled. She has accomplished all this without even having a pirate crew with her, which just goes to show how dangerous a person she really is. When taking into consideration her connections to the Celestial Dragons, her impossibly difficult to deal with Devil Fruit power, and her ever-growing infamy, a 320 million berry bounty is certainly deserved.

With the Wano Country arc closing its curtains, the Straw Hat Pirates left the island and headed to their new destination, separated from Trafalgar D. Water Law, who had accompanied the crew since Punk Hazard in the New World. With his seat now empty, it’s possible Jewelry Bonney could decide to travel with the Straw Hats for some time, especially seeing as she is alone after abandoning her crew to the Marines to escape. This all means that Bonney could have a major role in the upcoming arc. Slowly, her past could well be unraveled and her connections to the World Government and Bartholomew Kuma could soon be put to light.

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